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Asiatic Black Bears - Introduction

 Asiatic Black Bears - Pictures
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The Asiatic Black Bears are also called: Tibetan black Bears, Himalayan black Bears, moon Bears. This Bear is a medium sized Bear with a body of length of 127-188 cm (that is 50-74 inches) and weighs100-200 kg (220-440 pounds). The Asiatic Black Bear is dark brown and black in color. The females are naturally smaller than the males. There is a V-shaped patch of cream-colored fur on the chest of the Bear.

Asiatic Black Bears - Some Basic Facts

These animals have always fascinated humans. We can see this in the sculptures and on the engravings that have been made by the ancient people. Bears' strength, awesome power, intelligence are the things people have always admired. There are a lot of stories where the Bears played a heroic role.

These strong and fearless animals do not attack humans, though sometimes such facts take place. Thus these are facts that the American Black Bears killed fewer than 40 people during the 20th century. Besides, the Grizzly Bears are more dangerous, but even their attacks on humans are rare too. Actually Bears like to avoid people; mostly the actions of people are the reasons for Bears' attacking them.

Asiatic Black Bears - Vital Statistics

Life Span: 25 years, up to 30 years, depending on living conditions.
Body Length: 130-190 cm (4-6 feet).
Adult Male Weight: 100-120 kg (220-480 pounds).
Adult Female Weight: 50-125 kg (110-275 pounds).
Average Weight: 200- 255 pounds.
Cub Weight: 10.5 ounces.

Asiatic Black Bears - Habitat

 Asiatic Black Bears - Pictures
Picture source:
AnimalWatch © 2002
The Bears inhabit forested areas in hill and mountainous regions. Asiatic Black Bears inhabit the eastern Asia, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The Bears prefer thickly forested areas in the hill and mountains; also tropical forests below alpine levels. During the summer the Bears may reach the altitudes of 1,000 feet. Their territory ranges from 4 to 6 square miles and it depends on the food supplies.

Asiatic Black Bears - Food and Diet

As with other Bears, the Asiatic Black Bear likes to eat meat; it is the food that is the most nourishing. They have been forced to eat plants, berries, insects, invertebrates, small vertebrates, and carrions, due to changes in their habitat, which is largely caused by human invasion. But, the main factors that influence the Bears' diet are climate and geographical location. Also, in places like Japan other mammals are not available as a food source. Overall, the Asiatic Black Bears will eat anything that is edible. Unfortunately, in many areas farmers loathe the Asiatic Black Bears for killing their domestic animals.

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The himalayan black bear is greatly in need of conservation due to a high babies mortality rate and extensive hunting.

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